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28th August 2014

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I am going to New York and I have a VIP ticket so I’m gonna get to do the handshake thing. I really want Haruna to know I run a blog about her. I wonder how I can go about that with so little time you get for handshakes. Any ideas?

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28th August 2014


idolfangirl-ceej said: you know what, I think you made me love Honey more these days~ ;w; I think she's my next Musume oshi after Sayu's graduation~

That’s wonderful! I’m glad to see Harunan’s charm is being seen! Ah, that makes me really happy to hear!

27th August 2014

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my favourite thing about Iikubo is that she’s this adorable super sweet girl with a cute voice and who likes pretty clothes and her fav manga is Jojo’s bizarre adventures which is like the manliest shit ever

25th August 2014

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Hello!Project Concert Tour 1999

Toda Rinne debuts as the sole member of Country Musume after the sudden passing of Yanagihara Hiromi and the departure of Kobayashi Azusa.

This is so hard to watch.. the sudden death of Hiromi is such a dark spot on Hello!Project’s history. It was so tragic and watching the debut video with her in it (She has died before it was released) is one of the hardest things to watch. 

The fact that Country Musume managed to make it 5 more years (Though it never disbanded formally) and see some success was nice. It was a shame the new auditions to bring it back had zero results. 

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3rd August 2014

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Hello!Project text posts ⟫ Part Two (Part One)

Dat Tomoko though.

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25th July 2014

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Yeah man it’s all just photobooks and CDs who—

*Looks at basement*


Yeah man it’s all just photobooks and CDs who—

*Looks at basement*


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16th December 2013

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2nd October 2013

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29th September 2013

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"It is the anniversary of the 10th member today.

the day I became a member of “Morning Musume”.

To all people, to the environment, it is thanks.

"Ayumi", "Masaki", "Haruka" best! ! ! !"

~ Haruna Blog (in English)

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28th September 2013

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