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25th July 2014

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Yeah man it’s all just photobooks and CDs who—

*Looks at basement*


Yeah man it’s all just photobooks and CDs who—

*Looks at basement*


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16th December 2013

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2nd October 2013

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29th September 2013

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"It is the anniversary of the 10th member today.

the day I became a member of “Morning Musume”.

To all people, to the environment, it is thanks.

"Ayumi", "Masaki", "Haruka" best! ! ! !"

~ Haruna Blog (in English)

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28th September 2013

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28th September 2013

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28th September 2013

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"Ikubo drinking milk every night recently.Because I heard the order to strengthen the body, good for women.Sanrio character mug to use is “Wish me mell”.I got a big stuffed “mell”.I am sleeping hugged the “mell” always.I love “mell” is too pretty recently.10th member, is the second anniversary tomorrow.929 big day.”
~ Yet again with the English

"Ikubo drinking milk every night recently.

Because I heard the order to strengthen the body, good for women.

Sanrio character mug to use is “Wish me mell”.

I got a big stuffed “mell”.
I am sleeping hugged the “mell” always.

I love “mell” is too pretty recently.

10th member, is the second anniversary tomorrow.

929 big day.”

~ Yet again with the English

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28th September 2013

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"The title is "chaos Z tour!"

Live tour starts from today, I went on the first day! at Yokohama BLITZ

Shoko Nakagawa was please have a seat to mom and me.

High Speed ​​Following from the beginning to the end! !
Live was plenty and rock and new songs!

Shoko Nakagawa is really cool, I was impressed.

It was really cool!
Again, I have experience of Nakagawa Shoko, the splendor of the song.

Have twinkly, contact with the fans also really, it like crazy scream, like crazy tilt, Shoko Nakagawa was the best part!

To have a lot of people that are the hall cosplay, Oh! It’s that character! It was fun to have to hit me.

And I have done together call and response as well ☆

I bought a T-shirt and pen light, I was equipped ☆

It was really fun! I think that is represented by this word, it’s chaos(≧▽≦).”

~ Haruna blog’s in English again

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24th September 2013

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■Card MC
「Something you’re lacking?」

ノハ*゚ ゥ ゚)<Femininity, in many different ways

( wota)<「disbelieveng “eeeeeehhhh??s”

ノハ*゚ ゥ ゚)<Somehow that makes me a little happy, thanks everyone

Haruna Iikubo, concert MC for “Chance!”

(Translated by randompasserby)

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22nd September 2013

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Haruna has been attempting English the last few days

Make sure you go to her blog and read her attempts, as they are hilarious. 

Here’s her latest entry: http://ameblo.jp/morningmusume-10ki/entry-11619445891.html

"It was a concert in Zama today.

Four performances in two days!

Thank you for coming.

It is really hard! !

Mike was changed to latest.

I will continue to cool in concert singing and dancing!

I went with my mother to “Universal Studios Japan” on holidays.

It was fun.

I will write again tomorrow after that of “Universal Studios Japan”.”


It’s pretty cute how she is trying. Ganbare, Haruna!

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